Alumni Engagement


The YG Alumni Engagement Initiative is dedicated to empowering Youth Guidance alumni as they transition from high school into adulthood, ensuring they receive the robust support necessary to navigate this critical phase successfully. Alumni Engagement’s comprehensive approach encompasses standout resume training and the cultivation of essential adulting skills, preparing alumni for both professional success and the complexities of adult life. Through targeted workshops, personalized coaching, and a wealth of resources, Alumni Engagement focuses on enhancing their capabilities in key areas such as resume development, financial literacy, effective communication, health, and time management.

However, the mission of Alumni Engagement extends beyond mere skill-building. It strives to foster a supportive community that connects alumni with a network of peers and professionals. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and forums, Alumni Engagement aims to build a strong foundation of support, encouraging alumni to become confident ambassadors for Youth Guidance. The commitment is not just to career advancement but to equipping alumni with the tools and connections needed for a successful and fulfilling journey into adulthood.

What Is A Youth Guidance Alum?

A Youth Guidance alum is anyone who has ever been in programming while they were a young person and are now out of high school.

We want you to join our network where everyone helps each other on their journeys to Brighter Futures.

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Alumni Storybook

We are collecting 100 stories of Youth Guidance staff, students and alumni to celebrate our 100th Year of service to the Community. Sign up here to be interviewed as an alum of YG to have your story heard.


Letter Writing Campaign to Local Legislators

Youth Guidance needs your help to hand write letters telling your BAM or WOW story to local state officials. Sign up here if you are interested in helping us.



If you are an alum who graduated high school in 2023 or prior please use this link to give us your contact information along with some information about you.