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BAM Served Over 4,000+ Young Men in 2016

To ensure that at risk youth in high crime neighborhoods receive the support they need to graduate from high school and stay off of the streets, In 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel launched a three-year initiative to expand high quality mentoring programs. A total of 65 schools delivered BAM mentoring services to 4,080+ 8th-10th grade male students through the year’s mentoring investment—up from 49 schools served the previous year.  At that time, the Mayor’s hope was to reach 7,200 young men from under-resourced communities with high-quality mentoring opportunities to prevent them from dropping out of school and staying on track for high school graduation. BAM’s increase of 1,300 student participants during the 2016-2017 academic year was a major part of the first phase of the effort.  See the full list of school locations.

The mentoring initiative is being made possible thanks to many sponsors and supporters including Exelon, Get IN Chicago, Jimmy Johns, Bank of America, and Peoples Gas.  As noted by Mayor Emanuel: “…we made a promise to the next generation—that we as a city will tackle some of our biggest challenges together, starting first by helping our young people who need us the most. To support our children in being successful in school and in life, we must all play a role. I want to thank our partners for stepping up to get us closer toward the finish line in this important initiative that will make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people from across the city—marking a better future for all.”

A recent University of Chicago Crime Lab study found that BAM reduces violent crime arrests by 50 percent, reduces overall arrests by 35 percent, and increases on-time high school graduation rates by 19% for program participants.  The Crime Lab estimates that BAM’s benefits far outweigh program costs, with up to $30 in societal gains for every $1 invested in the program, from realized reductions in crime alone. Crime Lab researchers believe the economic returns of BAM may ultimately be even higher because people with a high school diploma often have higher earning potential than those who drop out.

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Support BAM & Chicago’s Mentoring Initiative

Join Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Mentoring Initiative with a donation of $2300, and help support a student’s participation in BAM. Your gift will help Youth Guidance continue to bring BAM to Chicago’s schools and meet youth where they are—physically and emotionally—so that they have the support they need to reach their full potential.  Give today and positively impact a young life!