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The BAM Model

BAM Counselors work full-time in schools to engage students in the learning process and equip them with the confidence and skills they need to thrive in school and life.

BAM creates a safe, and supportive space that facilitates positive identity development, healthy relationships, and academic success.

Core components of the BAM Model include:

BAM Circles

Men’s Rites of Passage Work

Individual Mentoring and Support

Dynamic Youth Engagement


Young men who participate in BAM are more likely to stay in school, develop healthy relationships, and stay out of the juvenile justice system. BAM’s impact has been validated by a randomized control trial from the University of Chicago Crime Lab.


Reduction in Violent Crime Arrests


More Engaged in School


More Likely to Graduate High School on Time


In Benefits for Every Dollar Invested in BAM

School Success

8 out of 10 BAM freshman are on-track to graduate

Developmental Assets

74% of BAM students lowered their level of reactive aggression

Healthy Behaviors

65% of BAM students had fewer suspensions than the prior year

Join the BAM Network

We’re delighted to know that you’re interested in bringing BAM to your local school district and community.

We look forward to speaking with you and exploring how BAM can help young men in your community thrive. Please note that the program launch process takes 9-12 months.

Click here to see the pre-implementation timeline.

The following steps will begin the process and Youth Guidance will work with you along the way:

Express your interest in BAM by completing the interest form below. You’ll hear from Youth Guidance soon after.

Build interest in within the school district and among community leaders. The resources on this page may prove valuable in supporting your conversations.

Identify an entry strategy for BAM: We work with you to determine if licensing through a local organization or if direct replication of our program is the right fit for your community.

Eligibility Requirements

BAM Interest Form