STRIVE 9th Grade Celebration

STRIVE 9th Grade Celebration

STRIVE counselors took the time last week to celebrate their freshman students completing their first year of high school. This was the first ever event celebrating freshmen progress.

The turnout was powerful.

Students participated in a paint tutoring session where they learned how to paint a particular picture. It was great to see how students transformed their paintings into their own. In addition, a previous STRIVE participant attended the event to inspire the new generation. The students were engaged as she told her story and even asked questions to get a better understanding of what they were going through.


A current STRIVE participant took the time to speak on her experience with the program.

Erica’s Story:

When Erica joined STRIVE in seventh grade, she struggled with family issues that caused her to become mute. She did not have friends and only talked when needed. She liked it that way.

STRIVE has assisted Erica with gaining confidence in her everyday life. Entering high school, she has become more comfortable with herself and others. “I have made a lot of friends that have changed my perspective on life, ” she said. Despite the challenges Erica has faced, she is confident that she will rise above it all.

STRIVE continues to work to develop and maintain positive, supportive relationships with youth. For Erica, high school will not be the same as elementary school because she got the support she needed. Erica plans on participating in extracurricular activities throughout her high school journey. In addition, she shared that she plans to go to either Northwestern University or Eastern University upon graduation.

Youth Guidance takes joy in seeing their kids take the first steps to improve their life outcomes through school engagement. If you would like to donate to STRIVE or any other of our programs click here

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