WOW & BAM End of the Year Celebration at Parker Community Academy

WOW & BAM End of the Year Celebration at Parker Community Academy


Parker Community Academy was full of energy as young men and women celebrated the end of the 2017 school year. Typically, these events happen separately, but due to it also being senior spirit week BAM and WOW counselors Gary Akins and Kim Carothers let them have this event as one.

The event began with teacher appreciation awards for teachers and staff who assist BAM and WOW regularly. The staff of Parker Academy was surprised and touched as they were called up to receive their plaque.  It was the kickoff to a successful event. Food, music, and laughter filled the room shortly after.  Throughout the event, students took the time to share their experiences with WOW and BAM.

Jackie’s story:

Before the WOW program, Jackie had problems controlling her anger. She picked fights with people at school and had a self-described “bad attitude.”  Teachers were having a hard time controlling her.

Through the WOW program, Jackie was able to learn how to control her emotions. “Self-awareness and emotional intelligence go hand-in-hand when learning about yourself,” shared WOW Counselor Kim Carothers. “If you know who you are,you can manage your emotions.”

WOW has helped Jackie gain a sense of sisterhood. “I know I can talk to them whenever I need them, “shared Jackie. As she plans to pursue a career in fashion, she hopes that the lessons she’s learned about communication and confidence will guide her throughout high school.


Tim’s Story:

When Tim initially joined BAM, he was concerned with fitting in. He reacted by disrupting group sessions or missing school.  He did not take BAM seriously.

However, the missions included in BAM made him realize that there was more to his life. “The core value self-determination made me want more because I had to ask more from myself,” shared Tim. With the support of his fellow BAM brothers and counselor, he stopped hanging around people that were causing him problems, started coming to school more often, and got good grades.

BAM helped Tim pursue the goals he set for himself. As a three year participant, Tim is grateful for all the assistance he received in becoming his own individual. Tim was proud to share that he will attending Uplift High School upon graduation.

Stories like the ones above reflect the overall mission of Youth Guidance: To create and  implement school-based programs that enable at-risk children to overcome obstacles. We see the impact of our work when the children at the schools are happy, and have a plan for their future.  We would like to thank Parker Community Academy for having us present at this great event. If you would like to donate to any of our programs you can click here.

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