WOW & The Importance of Self-Care at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute

WOW & The Importance of Self-Care at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute

BSI WOW Youth Guidance

Youth Guidance’s kids unfortunately face instability in many aspects of their life, whether it be familial, social, or personal. Sometimes, it’s academic. At the Bronzeville Scholastic Institute, it was a challenging year for all as the BSI’s administration has shifted three times in three years. WOW counselor Veronica Bohanan wanted to celebrate this challenging shift with intimate, personalized end-of-year experiences. Veronica hosted three WOW “My Vision, My Journey” ceremonies over three days. The ceremony for 9th graders allowed introspective reflection upon their first year of high school and how WOW supported their transition from middle school into high school. 10th and 11th graders chose to have a joint celebration, as many of the WOW girls had overlapping friendships. For the graduating class of 2017, the 12th graders curated “self-care” bags to support the transition into post-secondary life, a way of taking WOW’s core values with them beyond the classroom.

WOW Working on Womanhood Core Values

We congratulate the WOW girls of BSI in successfully completing another school year, graduating, and forming ever-improving senses of self into adulthood. It could not happen without the striving dedication of our counselors like Veronica, the tireless devotion to self-improvement from our students, and even the smallest contributions of our donors.

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