Youth Guidance and JPMorgan Chase have combined their signature programs, Becoming A Man and The Fellowship Initiative, to deliver a comprehensive counseling, mentoring, and postsecondary readiness program that empowers young men of color with the tools and confidence they need for personal, academic, and career success.

The joint program, branded the The Becoming A Man Fellowship Initiative (The BAM-FI), supports District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) students starting from 9th grade to 12th grade. The BAM-FI program launched in March 2022, serving ninth grade students across four DC high schools: Dunbar High School (Ward 5), Eastern High School (Ward 6), H.D. Woodson High School (Ward 7), and Ron Brown College Preparatory High School (Ward 7).

Becoming A Man® program (BAM®) is a school-based group counseling program that guides young men in 7-12th grades to learn, internalize and practice social cognitive skills, make responsible decisions for their future and become positive members of their school and community.

BAM integrates clinical theory and practice, men’s rites of passage work, and a dynamic approach to youth engagement.

The Fellowship Initiative (TFI) is a partnership between Youth Guidance and JPMorgan Chase designed to expand economic opportunities for young men of color.

We are building a diverse community that develops a pipeline of young men of color who excel academically, graduate high school, persist in college and are equipped to lead change in their communities.

Our program is designed to support fellows in expanding the skills, knowledge, experience, networks, and other resources they need to succeed academically and professionally.


Students enrolled in the BAM Program are:

less likely to be
arrested for violent crime
more engaged
in school
more likely to graduate
high school on time
$ 30
in societal gains for
every $1 invested in BAM


JPMorgan Chase is our seed funder. They provide successful implementation support for Youth Guidance programming in addition to providing career mentorship opportunities. District of Columbia Public Schools is a key partner for The BAM-FI, supporting participant recruitment, retention, and providing school facilities for programming.

Additionally, the program partners with postsecondary institutions, such as Howard University, and employer partners to create college and career pathways. MENTOR Maryland-DC also provides training for volunteer career mentors and facilitates strategic introductions to grow community engagement.


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